The controllers function is becoming increasingly challenging. Not only are you required to have the right financial knowledge, but you must act as an advisor and coach of non-financial management. Just the story behind the numbers is not good enough, you must contribute to strategic discussions and think about the future performance that is required to realize the strategy. Acting a business partner simply requires different skills compared to the traditional role of a controller. So without the right training will struggle to really live up this role.

We have developed a training to help controllers in their development to business partner. So is your role rapidly changing and evolving into one of trusted business partner? Or do you aspire a role as business partner? Then this training is exactly what you need.

What will you learn?
This training provides you the knowledge and skills required to act in your controllers function as a business partner. In a compact and interactive way you will learn what you need to become a business partner. Not only what you should do, but how the organisation of finance should help you in your development. 

You will learn:

  • How to support the planning & execution of strategy.
  • How you can asses and improve your soft skills.
  • How you can make analysis that suprise.
  • And, last but not least how ICT can help you to get this done.

For additional information please download our brochure here (unfortunalty only available in dutch). Would you like to explore the opportunity to use this training as an Incompany course, please contact us.