Controllers' Competencies

Geert Hoek, Finance Director Strukton Gebouwen: “Strukton provides total care building solutions for our clients. These solutions range from design, realisation, facility services, management and maintenance. Financing also is a growing part of our portfolio. Through our services our clients are able to focus on their business. At the same time they can rely on having a safe, convenient and sustainable working environment. This market will change rapidly over the next few years in which Strukton will play a leading role. In order to support our business managers in this innovating market our local controllers and their local Finance teams are transforming our Finance function to plan and act as One Finance organisation. Bart has supported us very well in taking the first step to realise this ambition. Together with my decentralised Finance team and Bart’s help a specific and practical profile of the Strukton Gebouwen controller was made. We now have a detailed and clearly understood profile of our controllers’ target performance as well as clearly documented priorities of their personal development. With his personal approach Bart has provided a valuable balance between his professional experience and the realisation of a team effort to get this quickly and effectively done ”.

a valuable balance between professional experience and the realisation of a team effort