management information creates a more result oriented organisation

Research (read here) shows that business managers and CFO's still aren't happy with their management information (MI). Stunning. Because without the right performance analysis and recommendations, there is hardly any reason to employ business controllers. 

In practice the relevance of information is often lost in the sheer quantity of information. Thick MI reports have grown out to service any stakeholder in the company. However nobody really reads it, while at the same time a lot of time is spent to make these reports. Back to the core problem. Limit your MI to information on the strategic & operational goals and the performance of the business model.

Furthermore, the details of MI are often not good enough. The report is delivered but for every question asked, additional analysis and time is required.   “As soon as a KPI score is off target, it takes us about a week to find the root business cause for the score", according to a business manager. Risking that by the time the answers are available they have become irrelevant. And management literally is one step behind.

This by the way is not unexpected if you realise that business controllers are still bothered with the production of the thick MI report. There is simply no time to analyse and interprete the information and provide management with cutting edge advice on what to do. While this is exactly how controllers can influence the decision making process (and deliver their effectiveness).

Without the right MI controllers can not create an organisation that is focused on value and result. We use 9 criteria to asses and improve the quality of your MI. Together with your team we can implement the improvements, making controllers more effective in their contribution to the management team. The client quotes below give you a flavour of the results that we have deliverd for our clients in the improvements of MI.

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