A finance strategy as starting point for improvements in Finance

Most CFO's know what they want to achieve with their finance function. How they perform now and what needs to be improved. So you don't necessarily need a Finance strategy. However, the challenge is in the execution of improvements. That is where a finance strategy kicks in.

With a Finance strategy a CFO make his/her ambition spcific. It clarifies and communicates the actions needed to realise the ambition. This is not so much needed for the CFO himself but more to mobilise his Finance team. This often is understimated. A good story puts a team in motion. Well what do you think? Can your colleagues answer these obvious and simple questions?

  • What is the ambition of Finance? How do you add value in finance?
  • How do you perform now and what are the major challenges?
  • What needs to be done to realise the ambition?

A Finance strategy provides focus, energy and motivation to the whole team. Everybody is willing to go the extra mile to realise the shared ambition. Then you can start moving mountains. This is why a finance strategy is the starting point for successful improvements. Click on the quotes below to read about the results we achieved for our clients in this area. Curious how we do it? Then we would like to meet you.