Own and improve the quality of your controllers team

Traditionally the social competencies of controllers are the weakest link in improving their effectiveness. Despite making and delivering keen performance analyses, people believe people and not paper. CFO's can help controllers to develop their competencies. But they have to take responsibility for the quality and personal development of their people.

There is more a CFO can do to influence the behaviour (and thus the competencies) of controllers than meets the eye. Which competencies are vital for good controllers performance? And which are crucial for Finance as a whole? Are these competencies defined as part of the controllers' job profile? Do you really use this profile in recruitment, review and personal development of controllers. Just some questions that can help you on your way to improve the quality of your controllers team. 


After we have worked with you and your team the controllers will understand what performance is expected from them. Which behaviours are required to be succesfull and in what area each individual needs to improve. Furthermore they have all the tools to improve. The result? A satisfied and motivated team. After all: Finance is all about people! 

Are you ready to improve the effectiveness of your controllers by investing in their competencies? We would love to meet you and share our experience and approach.