Who is Bart Vermaas

‘Think big but don't be afraid to act small’
Became financial analyst at Reeds Elsevier, a big company that thinks big but is not too hesitant to act small. I have also worked for two and a half years for KPMG in America. Here I learnt to half my sentences not once but twice, to deliver twice as much result in half the time.

‘I did not realise how important that event would be to me’
I did not go to Berlin when the Wall fell. I am passionately interested in history. In particular the history of Germany, the naïve idealism of communism and the politics pertaining to the Iron Curtain. I did not realise how important that historic event would be to me.

‘Ten out of fifteen wanted to start tomorrow’
Line managers are not usually enthusiastic about proposed changes to their financial processes. After talking to the line managers, ten out of the fifteen were enthusiastic and prepared to start the next day with the introduction of new management information and KPI's. I was convinced that this project could not fail. Apparently the CFO had some other priorities on his agenda. I had lost sight of the client's priorities.

I had three months to draw up a really ambitious program. It was a large project with many stakeholders and a huge budget. I was thrilled when I realised that not only had I fulfilled my role as consultant but had also, along the way, won everyone's trust. The project was a great success.

Back to the centre circle
A client once told me that I had to go back to the centre circle after scoring. Meaning that after you have made your point and it has been acknowledged, you should move on. A great lesson in teamwork that I often think about.

Know yourself
Knows what he wants and is honest about his strong and weak points. Allows a consultant to strengthen his weak points.