We are small. We are passionate. We achieve results quickly.

CFO Partners is an exclusive consulting firm dedicated to the CFO and his (or her) business commitments. We support him/her in improving the effectiveness of finance and thereby creating a more result orientated organisation. 

We achieve results quickly. CFO Partners is there for CFO's who believe that finance does create value for the oranisation. We support CFO's that dare to innovate and improve their finance function. Result comes first: a CFO runs a more profit conscious organisation after collaborating with CFO Partners. Followed by fun. A CFO that works on profit improvement, the development of his people and better management information has an exciting function in which it is fun to work. 

We are passionate. Our personalities represent the way we work. We enjoy the content. We have fun. And we love to work with people. Our slogan: "Finance is all about people!" sums it up. The effectiveness of finance is no longer about the technique, nor the process. It is about people: working together, having impact, being effective and focused on results. This is the reason why we want your people to participate in our projects. We are conviced that the combination of content and people in our approach is the key to our success.

We are small. Which means we have focus. We have three propositions in which we outperform others. We improve ourselves continously by doing research and following top education. We deliver the work ourselves. Simply because we get a kick from achieving practical results. It is addicting and that is why we are and will stay small. Convenient for you as well: from the moment you meet us till the delivery of the results, you work with us!

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